Bioanalytical Services


Bioanalytical Services

Bioanalysis has contributed substantially to IPRC's leading position as an internationally recognized CRO

Our laboratories have the capability to develop and validate analytical methods for a variety of drug substances and metabolites using sophisticated high-throughput technologies.  IPRC utilizes a wide range of techniques available for bioanalysis, e.g., LCMSMS, LCMS, UPLC and HPLC.

Our staff, chemists holding Ph.D., MS or Bachelor of Science degrees have years of experience in this field.  Some of our staff are editorial members and / or referees of internationally distinguished journals. Our chemists handle SCIEX (4000, 4500, 6500, 6500+ & 7500 QQQ-QTRAP) and Waters triple quadrupole stations, as well, manage UPLC and HPLC connected to UV, Florescence or ECD detectors. Watson LIMSTM is used for lab information management.

Our qualified and trained chemists working at the analytical laboratories, distributed into five teams, have the ability to handle more than five projects at the same time. Our team has the capacity to conduct more than 180 BE/ BA/ PK studies per year adhering to the highest quality standards and in accordance with GLP and international regulations. We have developed and validated more than 350 analytical methods and the list increases daily.

List of Validated Methods

Abiraterone LC/MS/MS
Aceclofenac HPLC/UV
Acenocoumarol - R LC/MS/MS
Acenocoumarol - S LC/MS/MS
Acetaminophen HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Acetaminophen Cysteine LC/MS/MS
Acetaminophen Glucuronide LC/MS/MS
Acetaminophen Glutathione LC/MS/MS
Acetaminophen Mercapturate LC/MS/MS
Acetaminophen Sulfate LC/MS/MS
Acetylsalicylic acid LC/MS/MS
Acyclovir HPLC/UV
Alendronate LC/MS/MS
Alendronate HPLC/FL
Alendronic acid LC/MS/MS
Alfuzosin LC/MS/MS
Allopurinol HPLC/UV
Almotriptan LC/MS/MS
Alogliptin LC/MS/MS
Alprazolam LC/MS/MS
Alvimopan LC/MS/MS
Ambrisentan LC/MS/MS
Amiloride LC/MS/MS
Amiodarone HPLC/UV
Amitriptyline LC/MS/MS
Amlodipine LC/MS/MS
Amoxicillin LC/MS/MS
Anagrelide LC/MS/MS
Anastrozole LC/MS/MS
Apixaban LC/MS/MS
Apomorphine LC/MS/MS
Apremilast LC/MS/MS
Aripiprazole LC/MS/MS
Artemether LC/MS/MS
Atenolol HPLC/FL
Atomoxetine LC/MS/MS
Atorvastatin LC/MS/MS
Atorvastatin, ortho-Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Atorvastatin, para-Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Azilsartan LC/MS/MS
Azithromycin LC/MS/MS
Baclofen LC/MS/MS
Baricitinib LC/MS/MS
Bempedoic acid LC/MS/MS
Bempedoic acid, ESP15228 LC/MS/MS
Benazepril LC/MS/MS
Benazeprilat LC/MS/MS
Benserazide LC/MS/MS
Betahistine, 2-Pyridylacetic acid LC/MS/MS
Betamethasone LC/MS/MS
Betamethasone acetate LC/MS/MS
Betamethasone phosphate LC/MS/MS
Bilastine LC/MS/MS
Bisoprolol LC/MS/MS
Brexpiprazole LC/MS/MS
Brivaracetam LC/MS/MS
Budesonide LC/MS/MS
Buprenorphine LC/MS/MS
Buprenorphine, Norbuprenorphin LC/MS/MS
Bupropion HPLC/UV
Butalbital LC/MS/MS
Cabergoline LC/MS/MS
Cabozantinib LC/MS/MS
Caffeine LC/MS/MS
Candesartan LC/MS/MS
Captopril LC/MS/MS
Carbamazepine HPLC/UV
Carbamazepine 10, 11-epoxide HPLC/UV
Carbidopa LC/MS/MS
Carbocisteine LC/MS/MS
Carglumic acid LC/MS/MS
Carisoprodol LC/MS/MS
Carvedilol LC/MS/MS
Carvedilol, 4-Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Cefaclor HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Cefadroxil HPLC/UV
Cefdinir LC/MS/MS
Cefixime HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Cefpodoxime HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Cefprozil (E) HPLC/UV
Cefprozil (Z) HPLC/UV
Cefuroxime HPLC/UV
Celecoxib HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Cephalexin HPLC/UV
Cetirizine LC/MS/MS
Chlordiazepoxide LC/MS/MS
Chlorpheniramine HPLC/UV
Chlorpheniramine-R LC/MS/MS
Chlorpheniramine-S LC/MS/MS
Cilindipine LC/MS/MS
Cilostazol LC/MS/MS
Cinacalcet LC/MS/MS
Ciprofloxacin HPLC/FL, LC/MS/MS
Citalopram LC/MS
Clarithromycin LC/MS/MS
Clavulanic acid LC/MS/MS
Clindamycin HPLC/UV
Clomiphene LC/MS/MS
Clonazepam LC/MS/MS
Clopidogrel LC/MS/MS
Clopidogrel carboxylic acid LC/MS/MS
Codeine LC/MS/MS
Codeine-6-Glucuronide LC/MS/MS
Colchicine LC/MS/MS
Cotinine LC/MS/MS
Cyamemazine LC/MS/MS
Cyamemazine sulfoxide LC/MS/MS
Cyamemazine, N-desmethyl LC/MS/MS
Cyclizine LC/MS/MS
Cyclobenzaprine LC/MS/MS
Cyclosporin A LC/MS
Cyproheptadine LC/MS/MS
Dabigatran LC/MS/MS
Dalfampridine LC/MS/MS
Dapagliflozin LC/MS/MS
Dapoxetine LC/MS/MS
Dasatinib LC/MS/MS
Deferasirox LC/MS/MS
Deferiprone LC/MS/MS
Desloratadine LC/MS/MS
Desloratadine, 3-Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Desmethyl, mebeverine acid LC/MS/MS
Dextromethorphan LC/MS/MS
Diazepam LC/MS/MS
Diazepam, Desmethyl LC/MS/MS
Diclofenac HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Diethylfumarate LC/MS/MS
Dihydroartemisinin LC/MS/MS
Dihydrodydrogesterone, 20α LC/MS/MS
Dihydroergotamine LC/MS/MS
Diltiazem HPLC/UV
Dimethylfumarate LC/MS/MS
Diphenhydramine LC/MS/MS
Dipyridamole HPLC/FL
Donepezil LC/MS/MS
Doxazosin LC/MS/MS
Doxycycline HPLC/UV
Drotaverine LC/MS/MS
Duloxetine LC/MS/MS
Dutasteride LC/MS/MS
Dydrogesterone LC/MS/MS
Edoxaban LC/MS/MS
Eletriptan LC/MS/MS
Eltrombopag LC/MS/MS
Empagliflozin LC/MS/MS
Emtricitabine LC/MS/MS
Enalapril LC/MS/MS
Enalaprilat LC/MS/MS
Enoxacin HPLC/FL
Entecavir LC/MS/MS
Enzalutamide LC/MS/MS
Erlotinib LC/MS/MS
Erythromycin HPLC/EC
Escitalopram LC/MS/MS
Esketamine LC/MS/MS
Esomeprazole LC/MS/MS
Eszopiclone LC/MS/MS
Ethambutol LC/MS/MS
Etoricoxib HPLC/UV
Everolimus LC/MS/MS
Ezetimibe (Free) LC/MS/MS
Ezetimibe (Total) LC/MS/MS
Ezetimibe Glucuronide LC/MS/MS
Famotidine HPLC/UV
Febuxostat HPLC/FL
Fenofibric acid LC/MS/MS
Fexofenadine LC/MS/MS
Finasteride LC/MS/MS
Fingolimod LC/MS/MS
Fingolimod Phosphate LC/MS/MS
Flucloxacillin LC/MS/MS
Fluconazole HPLC/UV
Fludrocortisone LC/MS/MS
Fluoxetine LC/MS/MS
Fluticasone LC/MS/MS
Fluvastatin LC/MS/MS
Formoterol LC/MS/MS
Fosinoprilat LC/MS/MS
Furazidin HPLC/UV
Furosemide HPLC/FL
Gabapentin HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Gatifloxacin HPLC/FL
Gemfibrozil HPLC/FL
Gemifloxacin LC/MS/MS
Gilteritinib LC/MS/MS
Gliclazide LC/MS/MS
Glimepiride LC/MS/MS
Glyburide LC/MS/MS
Glycopyrronium LC/MS/MS
Guaifenesin LC/MS/MS
Guanfacine LC/MS/MS
Hydrochlorothiazide LC/MS/MS
Hydrocortisone HPLC/UV
Ibrutinib LC/MS/MS
Ibuprofen HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Imidapril LC/MS
Imidaprilat LC/MS
Indacaterol LC/MS/MS
Indapamide LC/MS/MS
Indomethacin HPLC/UV
Irbesartan HPLC/FL
Isoniazid LC/MS/MS
Isosorbide dinitrate LC/MS/MS
Isosorbide-2-mononitrate LC/MS/MS
Isosorbide-5-mononitrate LC/MS/MS
Itraconazole LC/MS/MS
Itraconazole, Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Ivabradine LC/MS/MS
Ketoconazole HPLC/FL
Ketotifen LC/MS
Lamivudine HPLC/UV
Lamotrigine HPLC/UV
Lansoprazole HPLC/UV
Lapatinib LC/MS/MS
Leflunomide-M HPLC/UV
Lenalidomide LC/MS/MS
Lenvatinib LC/MS/MS
Lercanidipine LC/MS/MS
Levetiracetam HPLC/UV
Levocetirizine LC/MS/MS
Levodopa LC/MS/MS
Levofloxacin HPLC/FL
Linagliptin LC/MS/MS
Lisinopril LC/MS/MS
Loperamide LC/MS/MS
Loratadine LC/MS/MS
Lorazepam LC/MS/MS
Lornoxicam LC/MS/MS
Losartan LC/MS/MS
Losartan carboxylic acid LC/MS/MS
Lovastatin LC/MS/MS
Lovastatin, Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Loxoprofen LC/MS/MS
Lumefantrine LC/MS/MS
Lurasidone LC/MS/MS
Mebeverine acid LC/MS/MS
Mefenamic acid HPLC/UV
Mefloquine LC/MS
Melatonin LC/MS/MS
Meldonium LC/MS/MS
Meloxicam HPLC/UV
Memantine LC/MS/MS
Mercaptopurine LC/MS/MS
Mesalamine LC/MS/MS
Metaxalone LC/MS/MS
Metformin HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Methocarbamol LC/MS/MS
Methyldopa LC/MS/MS
Methylnaltrexone LC/MS/MS
Metoprolol LC/MS/MS
Metronidazole HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Metronidazole-OH LC/MS/MS
Mifepristone LC/MS/MS
Mifepristone Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Mifepristone N-Demethyl LC/MS/MS
Miglustat LC/MS/MS
Minocycline HPLC/UV
Mirabegron LC/MS/MS
Mirtazapine LC/MS/MS
Misoprostol acid LC/MS/MS
Modafinil HPLC/UV
Monomethyl Fumarate LC/MS/MS
Montelukast HPLC/FL
Moxifloxacin HPLC/FL
Mycophenolate Mofetil LC/MS/MS
Mycophenolic acid HPLC/UV
Naloxone LC/MS/MS
Naproxen HPLC/UV
Nateglinide LC/MS/MS
Nefopam LC/MS/MS
Neratinib LC/MS/MS
Nicorandil LC/MS/MS
Nicotine LC/MS/MS
Nifedipine HPLC/UV, LC/MS
Nitisinone LC/MS/MS
Norfloxacin HPLC/FL
Nortriptyline LC/MS/MS
Obeticholic acid LC/MS/MS
Obeticholic acid, glyco LC/MS/MS
Obeticholic acid, tauro LC/MS/MS
Olanzapine LC/MS/MS
Olmesartan LC/MS/MS
Olodaterol LC/MS/MS
Omeprazole HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Ondansetron LC/MS/MS
Ornidazole LC/MS/MS
Oseltamivir LC/MS/MS
Oseltamivir acid LC/MS/MS
Ospemifene LC/MS/MS
Oxypurinol HPLC/UV
Ozanimod LC/MS/MS
Palbociclib LC/MS/MS
Pantoprazole LC/MS/MS
Paroxetine LC/MS/MS
Pazopanib LC/MS/MS
Penicillin V LC/MS/MS
Perindopril LC/MS/MS
Perindoprilat LC/MS/MS
Pheniramine LC/MS/MS
Phenylephrine LC/MS/MS
Phenylpropanolamine HPLC/UV
Phenyramidol LC/MS/MS
Phenytoin HPLC/UV
Pioglitazone LC/MS/MS
Pioglitazone, Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Pirfenidone LC/MS/MS
Piroxicam HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS
Pitavastatin LC/MS/MS
Posaconazole LC/MS/MS
Pramipexole LC/MS/MS
Prasugrel LC/MS/MS
Pravastatin LC/MS/MS
Pregabalin LC/MS/MS
Prucalopride LC/MS/MS
Pseudoephedrine LC/MS/MS
Pyrazinamide LC/MS/MS
Pyridostigmine LC/MS/MS
Pyridylacetic acid LC/MS/MS
Pyrimethamine LC/MS/MS
Quetiapine LC/MS/MS
Raloxifene LC/MS/MS
Raloxifene 4'-Glucuronide LC/MS/MS
Ramipril LC/MS/MS
Ramiprilat LC/MS/MS
Ranitidine HPLC/UV
Ranolazine LC/MS/MS
Repaglinide LC/MS/MS
Ribavirin LC/MS/MS
Rifampicin LC/MS/MS
Riluzole LC/MS/MS
Risperidone LC/MS/MS
Risperidone, 9-Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Rivaroxaban LC/MS/MS
Roflumilast LC/MS/MS
Ropinirole LC/MS/MS
Rosiglitazone HPLC/FL
Rosuvastatin LC/MS/MS
Ruxolitinib LC/MS/MS
Sacubitril LC/MS/MS
Salbutamol LC/MS
Salicylic acid LC/MS/MS
Salicylic acid HPLC/UV
Salmeterol LC/MS/MS
Saxagliptin LC/MS/MS
Saxagliptin , 5-Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Sertraline LC/MS/MS
Sibutramine LC/MS/MS
Sibutramine, Di desmethyl LC/MS/MS
Sibutramine, Mono desmethyl LC/MS/MS
Sildenafil LC/MS/MS
Sildenafil, Des methyl LC/MS/MS
Silodosin LC/MS/MS
Simvastatin LC/MS/MS
Simvastatin, Hydroxy LC/MS/MS
Siponimod LC/MS/MS
Sitagliptin LC/MS/MS
Sofosbuvir LC/MS/MS
Sofosbuvir Metabolite GS331007 LC/MS/MS
Solifenacin LC/MS/MS
Sorafenib LC/MS/MS
Spiramycin LC/MS/MS
Sulfadoxine LC/MS/MS
Sulfamethizole HPLC/UV
Sulfamethoxazole HPLC/UV
Sulpiride HPLC/FL
Sumatriptan LC/MS/MS
Tacrolimus LC/MS/MS
Tadalafil LC/MS/MS
Tafamidis LC/MS/MS
Tamsulosin LC/MS/MS
Telmisartan LC/MS/MS
Temazepam LC/MS/MS
Tenofovir LC/MS/MS
Tenoxicam HPLC/UV
Terazosin HPLC/FL
Terbinafine LC/MS/MS
Thiamazole LC/MS/MS
Thiamine LC/MS/MS
Ticagrelor LC/MS/MS
Ticagrelor Deshydroxyethoxy LC/MS/MS
Ticlopidine HPLC/UV
Tiopronin LC/MS/MS
Tiotropium LC/MS/MS
Tizanidine LC/MS/MS
Tofacitinib LC/MS/MS
Tolperisone LC/MS/MS
Tolvaptan LC/MS/MS
Topiramate LC/MS/MS
Tramadol LC/MS/MS
Tramadol, O-Desmethyl LC/MS/MS
Trandolapril LC/MS/MS
Trandolaprilat LC/MS/MS
Trelagliptin LC/MS/MS
Triamcinolone acetonide LC/MS/MS
Trimethoprim HPLC/UV
Trospium LC/MS/MS
Valacyclovir LC/MS/MS
Valproic acid LC/MS
Valsartan LC/MS/MS
Vardenafil LC/MS/MS
Venlafaxine LC/MS/MS
Venlafaxine, O,D-Venlafaxine LC/MS/MS
Verapamil LC/MS/MS
Verapamil, Norverapamil LC/MS/MS
Veratric acid LC/MS/MS
Vildagliptin LC/MS/MS
Vortioxetine LC/MS/MS
Xylometazoline LC/MS/MS
Zolpidem LC/MS/MS
Zonisamide LC/MS/MS